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Information on the Cancellation of Lottery-Reserved Chartered Buses for the Shirakawa-go Light-up Event

Thank you for your continued support for the Shirakawa-go Light-up Event.

Attendance for the 30th Light-up Event, which was held this year from January to February, greatly exceeded our expectations, and both the event area and the parking lot were extremely crowded. For that reason, our safety measures and attention to proper decorum were inadequate, and we received numerous comments and expressions of concern from visitors.
In the past, we have made a variety of adjustments to reduce congestion and ensure safety in response to the increase in visitors. Last year in particular, however, there ended up being numerous issues and problems due to an increase in visitors that greatly exceeded our expectations.
Due to the outcome described above, we have decided to cancel the lottery-reserved chartered buses that were to start with next year’s 31st Light-up Event. However, we will continue to offer the bus tours that are available by special reservation for guests of restaurants and accommodation facilities in Shirakawa village.