Shirakawa-go, Hida — A World Heritage Site Illumination Display Website

Regarding the Announcement of Dates for the 31st Annual Shirakawa-go Illumination Display Event 2017

We finally released the dates for the illumination display today. We apologize for the wait.
This year’s event will differ from those of previous years in several ways, so please take note of the differences.
The 30th annual illumination display event, which took place in January and February of this year, was attended by significantly more people than we had anticipated, and the event site and parking lot were extremely crowded. As a result, our efforts to implement safety measures and promote good etiquette were inadequate, and this was the cause of inconvenience and concern for numerous visitors. We would like to offer our heartfelt apology to everyone who attended.
After discussing improvements that can be made to ensure that safety and security are our top priority, with advice provided by the Takayama Police Department, which has jurisdiction in the area, the Committee has at last decided to go ahead with the 2017 event.
In accordance with our revised rules, designed to ensure the safety of visitors in a snowy nighttime environment through the establishment of entry restrictions, only travel companies that have been designated by local businesses and are currently authorized will be permitted to participate in our system for allowing charted buses with attendance reservations.