Shirakawa-go, Hida — A World Heritage Site Illumination Display Website

For Visitors Coming by Car or Taxi

1. To all visitors not coming by car

If you are chartering a microbus or larger bus to view the illumination display, you must make a reservation in advance. If this applies to you, please check here to see further details.

2. To all visitors coming by taxi (and taxi companies)

The cooperation fees and parking lots for the event dates are currently under discussion. They will be announced on our website once finalized.

3. About the event dates

Click here for more information.

4. The illumination display cooperation fee

The running of this event is funded by an illumination display cooperation fee. We ask for your cooperation in paying it.

[Illumination display cooperation fee] Cars and taxis: ¥1,000 per vehicle (tax included)

5. About the parking lot for the illumination display

Click here for more information.

6. Shuttle bus availability

  • ① Free shuttle buses (not equipped for wheelchairs and pets) are the only means available for getting from the parking lot to the event site.
  • ② The last shuttle bus bound for the car parking lot departs from the Seseragi Park parking lot at 20.

7. The illumination display ending schedule

The event will end at 19:30 according to schedule, even if public transportation is delayed due to traffic congestion or accidents.

8. Winter clothing and vehicle equipment

Please click here to see further details.

9. Regarding visitors with physical disabilities who have difficulty walking

  • ① There is a special parking lot available for visitors with physical disabilities who have difficulty walking. Please contact a local security guard or staff member for assistance.
  • ② Extreme cold, icy road conditions, and heavy snowfall may occur during the illumination display. Regretfully, wheelchairs and baby carriages (baby buggies) cannot be used due to the extreme danger involved.
  • ③ Please be aware that you might be asked to use the Terao temporary parking lot if event staff deem it necessary. (Having a disability handbook is not a requirement for being allowed to use that lot.)
  • ④ Vehicles carrying visitors with physical disabilities are equally subject to the “illumination display cooperation fee”.
  • ⑤ To visit the event, you must be accompanied by a companion.

10. If you plan on arriving at Shirakawa-go before 12:00

Visitors who arrive before 12:00 and plan to do some daytime sightseeing should use the Seseragi parking lot.
However, at 15:00, the Seseragi parking lot becomes a parking lot for buses only, so you must move your vehicle to the Terao temporary parking lot by 15:00.
Note: At around 12:00, security guards will direct vehicles to the Terao temporary parking lot.

11. To visitors considering hotel lodgings the day of the event

  • ① If you are staying at a hotel in the village of Ogimachi, you should park your car in the hotel parking lot by 16:30.

12. Important information regarding the illumination display

  • ① The roads may be very slippery due to snow and ice. Please wear clothing that is appropriate for walking at night in the wintertime.
  • ② During the period of the event, it is extremely difficult to use wheelchairs on the roads due to snow and ice, so please plan accordingly.
  • ③ Please watch out for snow and icicles falling from roofs.
  • ④ The roadside water channels are left uncovered for snow removal, so please exercise caution.
  • ⑤ The restrooms in the illumination display event site will be very busy, so please use a nearby restroom in advance.
  • ⑥ You may only smoke in areas where ashtrays are provided. Buildings with thatched roofs are extremely susceptible to fire.
  • ⑦ There are no public waste receptacles in Shirakawa-go. You must either return garbage to the store or restaurant where it came from, or take it home with you.
  • ⑧ Please do not trespass on private property.
  • Note: The event facilities do not offer indoor barrier-free access.