Shirakawa-go, Hida — A World Heritage Site Illumination Display Website

For Visitors Using Public Transportation

1. To all visitors not coming by car

If you are chartering a microbus or larger bus to view the illumination display, you must make a reservation in advance. If this applies to you, click here for more information.

2. To all visitors coming by car or taxi (and taxi companies)

If you are taking a car or taxi to view the illumination display, you must refrain from parking anywhere other than the special parking lot for private vehicles. If this applies to you, click here for more information.

3. About the event dates

Click here for more information.

4. Important information for those coming by public transportation

① We expect the winter bus schedules (from Dec. 1 onward) to be announced in early November by each bus company. Some bus routes require a reservation, so be sure to check beforehand.

Winter Schedules for Shirakawa-go Bus Arrivals and Departures by Bus Company:
● Nohi Bus — ↔ Takayama Station, Kanazawa Station)
● Kaetsunou Bus — ↔ Takaoka Station)
● Gifu Bus — (Shirakawa-go ↔ Nagoya)

② Hotels will run out of available rooms about half a year before the event date. Visitors unable to secure lodgings should consider getting round-trip bus tickets with seats on a returning bus. (If the winter schedules published by the aforementioned bus companies have no returning buses after the start of the event, please reconsider your plans to attend the illumination display.)

③ In the wintertime, there are no campsites or temporary sleeping facilities where you can use a sleeping bag, so you must either secure lodgings or find some way of returning home afterward.

5. Illumination display ending schedule

The event will end at 19:30 according to schedule, even if public transportation is delayed due to traffic congestion or accidents.

6. Winter clothing

Please click here to see further details.

7. Important information regarding the illumination display

  • ① It is very dangerous to use a baby carriage, motorcycle, bicycle, or wheelchair on snowy roads, so please plan accordingly.
  • ② Buildings with thatched roofs are very susceptible to fire. Please do not smoke anywhere in the village other than a designated smoking area. Littering cigarette butts and smoking while walking are especially prohibited.
  • ③ There are no public waste receptacles in the village (inside the event site). You must take your garbage home with you. Fast food containers may be returned to the restaurant where they came from. You may not leave behind garbage in places like public restrooms.
  • ④ If the parking lot restrooms are busy, you may use the restrooms inside the event site.