Shirakawa-go, Hida — A World Heritage Site Illumination Display Website

Transportation to the observation deck

  1. Visitors going to the observation deck should take the observation deck shuttle bus. You cannot get to the observation deck on foot.
    Observation deck shuttle bus hours of operation:
    • 9:00–15:40 — Kunishige Wadake Suirenike-mae ↔ Observation Deck
    (¥200 one-way, pay aboard bus; buses run in both directions)
    • 16:00-17:20 — Kunishige Wadake Suirenike-mae → Observation Deck
    (free; outbound buses only; take Kaminaga Road on foot to get back)
    • 17:40-19:00 — Shirakawa-go Bus Terminal → Observation Deck
    (free; outbound buses only; take Kaminaga Road on foot to get back)
  2. The number of people allowed to enjoy the view from the observation deck during the illumination time, held from 18:00–19:30, is limited to approximately 500 people in order to ensure the safety of all visitors.  If the limit is reached, observation deck shuttle buses will not run until the number is reduced to a safe level. Be aware that shuttle buses may decline to take on passengers if the observation deck is too crowded.
  3. Please be aware that all shuttle buses may be cancelled if the committee or other organizations decide the roads are too dangerous.
  4. Even after it is determined that the observation deck shuttle buses can run, observation deck congestion, road conditions, snow, accidents, and other problems may result in temporary or day-long closure of pedestrian paths. In such cases, please follow the instructions of staff members.
  5. Be aware that we accept no responsibility for accidents or injuries that occur as a result of visitors taking the path without paying heed to the instructions posted on signs or the warnings issued by related personnel.